25 marzo 2016

New Release: Sleepless Night- A Highlander Time Travel

Holy cow! I just spent the weekend in Utah with 14 boys on a Boy Scout trip. I had ZERO computer, internet or phone service. I was completely off the grid! While I was in the wild, Sleepless Night was released! It is live on Amazon, elsewhere soon!

urning thirty wasn't all that great for Lexy. Sure, she'd had a fun birthday lunch with her girlfriends, but where was the man of her dreams? Where was the man who could at least give her the big O? She wasn't even drawn to a man who could give her a little one. Instead, she's strangely drawn to a ring in the window of a jewelry store. Was Lexy crazy? The store owner didn't think so. Instead, she insisted the ring would take Lexy to her eternal mate, the one man who she belonged to throughout time. She even offered something insane and too good to pass up: Slip the ring on her finger and go back in time to spend wild one night with her eternal mate.

Join Lexy on her adventure through time, meeting this mate of hers, Ian, a Highland laird. Will Lexy discover that love truly is eternal with Ian, or will forces beyond their control rip them apart for all time?

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