20 aprile 2016

99c for eight books - Complete Submission is back!



Beg through Sing,  Dominance included and placed inside the text IN ORDER...99c.
Kinda nice.
If you missed this deal last year, now's the time to get it. Here's the rub. You can only get it on Nook, iBooks, or Google Play.

But really, not such a rub. It's really easy. If you have an iPhone (and 80% of you do) just hit the iBooks app. It's probably already on your desktop.
If you have an android phone, Google Play is your best bet.
And if you want to try a really nice piece of software, the NOOK app is available FREE in the APP STORE and the GOOGLE PLAY store.
And it's giftable. So if you have a friend who needs to meet Jonathan (and if you're a real friend you know she needs to meet him) get this deal.
If you can't use any of the above methods to get this book, I have another thing happening in the first week of May that might ameliorate that. So STAY TUNED.

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