11 dicembre 2016

ONLY $0.99 (limited time): Meet Chicago's hottest Quarterback

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There’s one rule in reporting: don’t ever fall in love…

When Amelia Adams tells everyone my days as Chicago’s quarterback are over, I vow never to give her another minute of my time—until the team owner sees an empty stadium, and forces us together on a reality show in hopes of filling the seats.


When Bryce Luck becomes my assignment, I swear his brown eyes and dimpled smile won’t make my knees weak—that I’ll keep a professional boundary. But I can’t fight this attraction, especially when he whispers sweet nothings in my ear and promises to do a million dirty things to me when the cameras stop rolling.


When the show is over, and the game’s been played, will our love become a reality? Or are we just out of luck?

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